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Welcome to Whytewolfs Domain

This site is dedicated to the Spirits of the Animals and all that encompasses.

 1997 Whytewolfs

Animal Traits

Ant - Group Mind, Patience, Action
Antelope - Action, Agility And Sacrifice
Armadillo - Safety, Boundaries, Medicine Shield
Badger - Aggressive, Healer, Energy Conduit
Bat - Rebirth, Secrets And Initiation
Bear - Healing, Inner Knowing, Power
Bearpaw - Power And Direction
Beaver - Builder, Protector
Buffalo - Sacredness, Life
Butterfly - Metamorphosis And Transformation
Coyote - The Trickster, Devilment
Crane - Solitude And Independence
Crow - Law, Shape Shifting, Change
Deer - Physical Pacing, Body Awareness, Gentleness, Caring And Kindness
Dog - Noble, Loyal, Teaching
Dolphin - Psychic Abilities, Initiators, Kindness And Play Energy
Dragon - Longevity, Infinity, Wisdom, Movement Through Space
Dragonfly - Flighty And Carefree
Eagle - High Ideals, Spiritual Philosophy, Divine Spirit And Connection To Creator
Elk - Strength And Agility
Fox - Elusiveness, Agility, Cleverness, Cunning, Quick Wit
Frog - Water Energy
Hawk - Perception, Focus, Protection, Messenger, Intuition, Discernment
Heron - Intuition, Organization 
Horse - Stability, Courage, Stamina, Mobility
Hummingbird - Messenger, Timelessness
Jaguar - Shamanic Wisdom, Focused Power 
Kokopelli - Fertility, Music And Joy
Lizard - Conservation
Lynx - Keeper Of Secrets, Guardian And Guide
Moose - Headstrong, Longevity, Steadfastness
Mountain Lion - Strength, Elusiveness, Courage, Leadership And Foresight
Mouse - Innocence, Faith, Trust, Scrutiny, Order, Organizer
Otter - Playful, Prognostication, Woman Medicine
Owl - Symbolic Wisdom, Shadow Work, Deception, Clairvoyance, Insight (Night Eagle)
Porcupine - Innocence, Companionship, Trust
Possum - Diversion, Strategist, Deceiver
Rabbit - Faith, Nurturance, Fear, Timidity, Nervousness
Raven - Inner Journeys, Dreams, Introspection, Courage, Self Knowledge
Seahorse - Confidence And Grace
Shark - Hunter, Survival, Adaptability
Skunk - Reputation, Presence, Strength
Snake - Shrewdness, Rebirth
Spider - Creatrix, Web Spinner
Squirrel - Planner, Gatherer
Swan - Grace, Balance And Innocence
Turkey - Generosity, Life-Giver, Sharer
Turtle - Nurturer, Protector, Mother Energy
Weasel - (Ferret) Strength, Energy, Ingenuity And Stealth
Whale - Wisdom, Provider
Wolf - Earth Wisdom, Protection, Loyalty, Perseverance, Success

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